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Friday, December 30, 2016

I Did More Than I Realized in 2016

I got out of the house, in 2016.

I think that was one of my goals.
I coached over 200 kids this year.

I taught almost a thousand.
I wrote 42 blogs this past year.

This is #42.

The most-read two were posted in late-October.  One an opinion piece about SNL.  One calling myself the "Kid Rock of Comedy," a term coined by Vanessa.

The one that will be remembered, I trust, is

The Tallest Mountain

My blogs were viewed a combined 1547 times, this past year.

I appreciate every single view.  Every time someone took the time to check my website, and peek in on how a different person was doing. 

It is proof of over 1500 selfless moments, that occurred this past year.  Moments that could have been spent on an app, or on a VR headset, or making fun of someone.

Instead, they were spent checking in.  Hoping for good news.  Trusting a connection would be made.

Thank you, not just to the individuals who read this, in 2016.

Thank you to each and every one of the moments, you decided to give to this site.

I hope for each of those moments, your year was one tiny-bit better.
As I look back, my year is 1547 small bits better, than I realized as I was living it.

I love writing.  And I love living.  This next year, I'll keep swimming.  Trying to find a rhythm.

Breathe, live, write, breathe.  Live, breathe, live.  Write, breathe, live, breathe,




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