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Friday, December 30, 2016

What Will 2017 Be?

I was about to write "What Will 2017 Be Like?"

But in 2017,
I want to use the word "like" less.

I want to release "Fuck the Industry"

by January 5.
I want to start performing stand-up in public again.

I want to work my butt off to be a better and better and better

I want to become the best substitute teacher in Virginia Beach, and Virginia, and America, and the world.

I want to be humble.  : )

I want to focus less on applications in my phone,
and more on applying myself to the world around me.
I want to become better with numbers,
because I'm just starting out on my math journey.

I want to become better with basketball,
because I'm still a baby learning to crawl.

I want to stop using apps on my phone so much.

I want to make more videos, and make this website a playground I love playing on.

I want to learn more and more about standardized tests,
because the more I know, the more value I can give to others.

I want to remember that teenagers are still kids.  Even if they try not to be.
I want to remember that Vanessa is a once-in-a-universe gal.

I want to write more.  And care less.  I want to write without thought of consequence.

I want to let my love win over my fear. 
Personally and professionally. 
Athletically and parentally.

I want to plant deeper roots in our community.
I want to be healthy.  Diet and exercise.  Inside and out.

I want to be okay with ending things.
With throwing things out.
With moving on.

I'm really excited for 2017.


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