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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dear Damen 4: Drafting a Quarterback in 2017

Okay.  So every draft is the most important draft in new-Browns history.  Until we miss on our picks,

and then it wasn't.

Cool.  So let's not miss on our picks.
A quarterback doesn't make a whole team.  But it's a huge part of puzzle.

You brought up something really interesting:

We have the 1st pick in the draft.  And also 5 of the first 65.
Who have been the most successful quarterbacks to enter the league, the last 5 years or so?

The best rookie this past season?  Dak Prescott.  4th round.  135th overall.

Most successful QB drafted the past 5 years?  Russell Wilson.  3rd round.  75th overall.
Here is my question:

For a long time, in America, there were loud doubts that a black QB could lead a football team, be "smart enough" for the position, etcetera.

In 2017, it's obvious that was just insane American horrific racism.

And let's go a step further, since this might be the "most important draft" blah blah blah:

In 1970, about 30% of the NFL's players were African-American.

That number has been slowly and steadily climbing ever since, and today about 70% of the league is African-American.

Is it possible that the racist-consensus of the 1970s and 1980s was not only wrong, but is now backward?

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