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Sunday, January 8, 2017

I Am SUPER Proud of Vanessa and I

I am a substitute teacher.  And so every day, I'm inside of someone else's cubicle.

It's SUPER weird.  

Every morning, I am sitting at a desk with a NEW family staring back at me.

when we had a system in place where one day a year, we all HAD to work one full day at a completely different person's life,

we became so much more brave.
Along with desks come daily responsibilities.  But let's tell that part of the story another time.

Today let's focus on:

I have thought all weekend about which products I am using, and whether or not that have poison in them!!!

Ahem.  I mean, we have.

Look.  As an adult, some of the household decisions end up on my desk.  And I have to make a decision.

Well, this weekend, we had a blizzard.  Or at least, a "Virginia Blizzard,"

which is roughly defined as "2 inches of snow that PANIC SIRENS.  PANIC SIRENS."
We needed de-icer for the sidewalk.  And since I was the only one willing  I wanted to walk to Harris Teeter, 

I got to choose the product.

And so I did what Rachel Carson suggested in 1962, 

when my mom was an 8 year-old girl,

and I thought about it.

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