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Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Hope dies when success is achieved. Hope evolves into expectation." -- Damen Camin

Dear Damen,

You are brilliantly explaining the "Browns fan" experience. 

This past season really was different than any before it. 

1.  The ownership gave out a few "don't expect much" warning shots, before the season

2.  Instead of irrationally praying for a miracle, feel-good, 10-6 playoff season, Browns fans just emotionally checked out.  They were able to do this because

a.  Nobody goes out of their way to volunteer to be a Cleveland Browns fan (until now).  So if you're a Cleveland Browns fan, it means you're a Cleveland fan.  Which means you're a Cleveland Cavaliers fan.  Which means

b.  every Browns fan already got more out of watching sports this year than at any other time in their lives (unless they're 50 or older)
But now, because you took a season off emotionally, you actually realized that real life might be the better "show" to watch.

Fewer commercials, fewer concussions -- when your daughter dances like crazy after scoring a touchdown in the front yard, there's not some weird 15-yard "excessive black-culture-inspired celebration" penalty for no reason.

Browns fans woke up this year.

Oh man.

This is a serious question:  Is it gonna be like....a really good 5-year stretch for Cleveland?  Like, should I invest in Cleveland companies and stuff?

Were the Cleveland Browns so bad this year that they actually caused a large portion of their fan base to become more enlightened, more aware global citizens?

I think that's actually a real question.  Your texts made it kind of seem like that was a real thing.

Official question:  Did the combination of the Cavs' and Browns' seasons create a unique experience for Cleveland fans?  Am I reading you right?

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