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Monday, January 16, 2017

"Don't worry about insomnia" (Dear Dale Carnegie)

I had a great experience as a REALTOR, last year.

I didn't sell any homes, but I learned a lot about myself, about Vanessa, about people, about families, about homes, money, and saving.

And I learned a lot about my co-workers, in our office. 

One of them was a lady named Sue, and she changed my life.  She gave me all of her "Dale Carnegie" series of books.

She told me that he son went through the program, and that they had been very effective.  She encouraged me to read them, and take them seriously.

I started to.  But when Vanessa and I decided to move on and pursue other careers, I got away from the books. 

I look forward to re-focusing, as soon as my basketball season ends in March. 
One quote stands out, from the first couple books I've read so far.

"Don't worry about insomnia."
What an incredible quote. 

It talked about not having enough time in the day, and worrying when you'll ever accomplish your dreams. 

Or maybe it talked about taking on a second job that has to do with your passion.

I don't remember the context.  But I remember the energy of the quote.

It was saying that you should always ride a wave of passion.  And if you can get "into a zone," then focus on riding the wave, not on what a clock says, or what a calendar says.

Ride the wave you're on.
I write this as a screen stares back me saying

2:15 AM

I am not worried about insomnia.

I have work tomorrow.  I will pick up a job -- somewhere -- and go teach for 7 hours.  Then I'm meeting with the Athletic Director at the school of one of my tutoring students, to update him on my student's progress.  Then I go coach basketball for 3 hours.

Then I'll do it again.
And again.
And again.

And then it's Saturday.  And I'll still have to get up early, to walk our daughter's dog.

All that is not just "okay." 

It's amazing.  It's amazing because of all the people I'm surrounded with, while it happens.  The wife, the daughter, the co-workers, the Athletic Director, the co-coaches, the parents, the players.

Everyone is part of this machine called "the world," trying to make things work as best we can. 

I am learning that, more and more.
To that world, I have more dreams to add.

I want to write.  And I want my writing to have an impact.  A positive, beautiful, electric impact.  Like a cattle brand with the healing effects of E.T.'s finger.
2:26 AM

Headed back to bed. 

I am not worried about insomnia.

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