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Saturday, January 21, 2017

2017: Pay Period Review (1)

I want to think of writing and stand-up comedy as serious professions.  They are jobs I have.

The amount I'm paid does not tell me whether or not they are jobs.  They tell me how good a job I have done.

No one can tell me I'm not a professional comedian.  And no one can tell me I'm not a professional writer.

I am an independent contractor. 

You can tell me I'm bad at my job.

You can tell me I need a new advertising team.

But you can't tell me I don't have a job.
Because I'm an independent contractor, it means I don't have a boss.

That means if I slack off for a full 2-week pay period, then no one is going to sit down with me, and ask why.

Unless I have that talk with myself.

is why I will write 24 of these reviews, in 2017.

Because I take myself seriously.

And I want to know how good I am, at my job.
During the first 2 weeks of 2017,

I did not get onto a stage.

I went to 2 comedy shows,
and left early both times,
because of family commitments.

I wrote one new bit, and performed it once for Vanessa.

During the first 2 weeks of 2017,

I wrote 22 blogs.

That is more than half of what I wrote in all of 2016.

I do not control the number of reads,
but in 2 weeks, that number is at 325

already more than 20% of the visitors to this site,
in all of last year.

My 2017 readership is currently at 400%
year-over-year growth.

And every time someone gets "caught up,"
that number gets inspired,
and climbs the mountain.
The numbers say I had an inspired first 2 weeks.

The content agrees.

I started this year with a prayer
and away we went.

I finally started to explore my feelings as a Cleveland Browns fan.  That great back-and-forth with my friend Damen Camin led to a thread I am proud of.

The Most Important Pick in the History of the Cleveland Browns (Dear Damen)
Fast-Forwarding Through Browns-Fan-Experience (Dear Damen 2)
"Hope Dies When Success is Achieved." -- Damen Camin
Drafting a Quarterback in 2017 (Dear Damen 4)
"The 7 Picks Life" (Dear Damen 5)
"I don't feel bad for them" (Dear Damen 6)

And that's a thread you should be proud of, too, Damen.  Because you co-wrote it.
That's the idea for this year.  Write early, write often, and have good conversations with great minds.

I'm excited for my next report

on how hard I worked in January

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