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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

You Better Be Tipping Well Over in Japan! (Dear Harrison)

Hey Harrison.

I usually write on here during the weekends.  So I'm going to write you a quick note today, on Wednesday, because I have a snow day.  And because this CAN'T be less productive than playing my "Tiny Tower" app.
To catch you up quickly, since we saw each other at Christmas/dad's service:

1.  Things are going well here.

2.  I started writing on here again

3.  I've started writing to individual friends/family/readers

4.  I thought about writing to Preston, but the post was going to be a legitimate, honest-to-God piece about farting.

5.  So I'm writing you first
So what's the deal with farting?

Starting over.
1.  I am excited for your first full year, over there.

2.  Should I keep writing you on here?  Like, will I get you fired or anything?

3.  I hope you tip well, while you're over there.  Do people tip over there?  I hear in Europe, nobody tips.  What is the "tipping culture" in Japan?

4.  How much do you know about Japanese wrestling?  Has it been mentioned at all since you got there?  Have you met and/or hung out with a Japanese lady wrestler named Chyna?
Feel free to reply via comment or by email.

I taught Japanese class to middle schoolers, last week.  And one of them literally said they don't care about the class, and they only took it because they were tired of not being able to read the subtitles on their anime'.


Good ol' teacher Bryson then proceeded to spin a lonnnng and inspirational tale, about a young boy who did JUST THE SAME THING

and ended up getting a job with the Japanese government,

and blah, and blah, and blah.

So just know that your story is legitimately mind-blowing to like 3 kids watching Death Note this weekend.
Proud of you.  Keep doing your best.

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