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Sunday, January 22, 2017

How do I have work again tomorrow ALREADY??? (Dear Danina and Preston)

Hey guys.  This year, one of my goals is to write more on this site.  I'll fill you in on more of the long-term plan, over time.

Firstly:  I apologize for inconveniencing you guys, for so long.  I just kind of had my head up my butt for about a decade there.  I don't really have a reason.  Just an apology, for the many times I wasn't paying attention and colored outside the lines, and my immaturity bled over into the life you two were trying to build together.
My first act of redemption
 is pay more attention.


on your new home.

and also...
WOW do Mondays come quickly, when you have real jobs. 

This is terrible.  There is such an incredible amount of work to be done, when you buy a new home.  I don't even know one-tenth of the steps, but I know it must be a beautiful nightmare.

Everyone seems focused on making sure new mothers get 12 weeks of maternity leave.

I think new home owners should get 12 weeks of government-mandated "house-ternity leave"

Seriously.  You guys have already:

1.  Worked your butts off to earn and save enough money to buy a home
2.  Helped the American economy by getting a mortgage, taking out a loan, etc.
3.  Committed to do your best to take care of the land that you are now in charge of

To me, it seems reasonable to be given a stipend that helps gives you a few extra hours a week, so that you can

1.  work toward tying up loose ends with (or straight-up selling) your previous home
2.  the physical moving process of the real people who have to keep living their lives throughout the entire moving process
3.  financial transitions, legal issues, insurance, etc.
4.  This list could go to 100

I don't want a government to pay you to do nothing.  But even a 4-hour/week stipend, for a 12-week stretch,

feels reasonable.  And those 4 extra hours for the 3 months after a home purchase can make a MASSIVE difference (I bet)

Imagine knowing that every week, you were getting off at noon on Friday, and you could actually drive to the bank before it closed (WHY do they close at 5 on weekdays?)

Imagine buying paint at 1 pm on a Friday, and getting a whole room done before the pizza delivery guy rings the (still broken) doorbell at 6.

Also, imagine being able to focus on selling your home, and getting it sold a month earlier.  Wouldn't that be a success story, for our American economy?  Fewer Days on Market? 

Wouldn't it be better for our citizens' personal economies?  Fewer "Noah's Ark Bill Months?"
Sorry if I rambled on.

Thanks for reading.

I am paying attention.  And I'm really impressed with the life you two are living.  I see you and

I am paying attention

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