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Saturday, January 21, 2017

You're Right, Tipping is RUDE (Dear Harrison 2)

1.  Good call on your first point.  Until I start writing these in Japanese, you're safe.

2.  Buddha said lies could be good if they help children!?  If you keep teaching me interesting things like that, you can expect a great big stocking from Santa this year!

3.  Did you seriously just call it "act wrestling"?  Do you have ZERO desire to be friends with Lawson?

4.  Yes, I remember when you tried to get me to watch "Death Note."  I am still trying to watch it.  But I feel like I should invite Vanessa to watch it with me, now.  And now that I have a job and all. 

(my finger-muscles just got a great workout, because I'd never typed those letters in that order before)

5.  We miss him, but I talked to him on the phone the other day.  He's still awesome.  He's very excited to play Mario. 

6.  Oh, wait.  Did I tell you about the incident yet?  The one that occurred the night before he left?

7.  Yes, America is a very flawed place.  We have been very arrogant, for a very long time.  Our reluctance to embrace the metric system is funny in a way.  But it's also a very real example of why the rest of the world is rightfully disgusted with us. 

We've spent generations acting like there are two planets -- the one we're on, and the one everyone else is on. 

As dad said with a dry voice and an eyebrow-raise, a few months before he died --

"I think it's going to be an interesting next ten years or so, for the planet"

Gee.  Umm.  Enjoy the view?

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