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Monday, January 9, 2017

You are my Creative Coffee (Dear Vanessa 2)

I always want to explain to you, how inspiring you are to me.

I have been writing back and forth to Damen, for the past few days.  And it's been great.  It's been great to have a friend to write to, about a new interest I have.

But we'll talk about Damen more another day.  This one is about you.  And I have 4 minutes left.
You are my creative coffee.

Even when what I write is not about you, you are still the reason I shit it out.
Look.  This may not come out beautiful.  Or maybe it's the most beautiful thing I've ever written.  Because it really is purely about you.

I don't need help worrying about my writing.  Most of the things you've loved the most have been things that took me 5 minutes to write.

It hit me, on the toilet upstairs.


You are my creative coffee.

That's what you've done for me, these past 4 years.

When I drink coffee, I have to poop.  So when I'm pooping, I'm not pooping out the coffee.  I'm pooping out whatever I've eaten, the past day.

And it probably would have come out, eventually.  But when I drink coffee, I'm like "Yo!  I need to do this NOW."

That is I swear to Bread, how you make me feel.

I talk with you sometimes and I get so excited to spread ideas through the universe.  I want to go to the ocean and just let my sound waves carry out.  I want to just say them into the sky, and let them bounce off the ozone layer and rattle around Earth forever, like a flying toaster on a screensaver.

You just get me excited to get my ideas out.  Like, OUT.  Like coffee and food.

You are my creative coffee.

Thank you for inspiring me to start shitting.

I love you, Vanessa Abbott.

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