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Monday, January 9, 2017

"The greatest threat to sports is people choosing LIFE" -- Damen Camin

I was catching Vanessa up on our conversations, (this morning over coffee she was like, "It looks like you and Damen are online dating")

and she was blown away by one thing you wrote in particular,

which is the title of this blog.
Yeah dude.  I think that's the key to this whole thing.

When we met, we were supposed to be "rivals."  A Browns fan and a Steelers fan.
(cue sound effects)

Which of course is dumb.

But for a long time -- for literally generations -- sports has presented itself as a legitimate way for adults to define themselves.

Which is not healthy.  Because it replaces our actual lives.

No adult male should feel closer to Scott Van Pelt than their wife.  But a lot of us do.
Honestly, that's what is kind of funny about this running dialogue (via blog and texts, so far):

Part of the time I was writing these, the Steelers were playing a playoff game.  Against the Dolphins.

I still don't know if they won or not.

And I don't care.
That's one cool thing about being a Browns fan, so far:  longer off-seasons.

One cool thing about being a teacher is that we get summers off.  So we have 3 months to focus on ourselves -- if we choose -- and show up a better person in the fall.

Well, being a sports fan is kind of like having a job.  It takes a lot of your energy and focus away from yourself.

I feel like I'm a week ahead of every Steelers fan on the planet.  They lost this whole week to emotionally-preparing for the game yesterday.

And if they won, then they're going to miss this whole week of their own lives, too.

It's crazy.

No, seriously.  The right word for it is the dictionary definition of "crazy":

"mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way"
Vanessa should never have a worse Sunday, just because some guys playing a game in California were able to catch a ball but not put both feet inside a big green rectangle.

If that affects my mood,

I'm crazy.
You're 100 percent right.
With the first pick in the 2017 NFL draft, I select Vanessa Abbott.

When you're a football fan who decides to give it up, all of a sudden it feels like you have a ton of great draft picks.

My 2nd round selection is my kid.  I have three 3rd rounders, this year.  I'm picking guitar, coaching, and getting-back-into-comedy.

Who knows, maybe one of them will be a real sleeper

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