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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Most Offensive Police Video I Have Ever Seen

Of all the police surveillance videos I've seen these past few years, this one was the most offensive.

It is of a cop pulling someone over for speeding, and then helping him tie his tie.

Here is the footage:

When the driver stops, he

1.  opens the car door
2.  walks out of the car
3.  walks out WITH A BAG IN HIS HAND

After talking to the cop face-to-face, about two feet away from him, the cop begins to tie his tie while

1.  the driver re-opens the driver's side door
2.  reaches into the driver's side of the car, giving the officer NO visual of his hands
3.  then walks around the car and opens the passenger-side door, then

while the police officer continues to focus, mesmerized, on trying to tie his tie.

Freeze frame this video at 1:32.  Tell me if you've ever seen a police video that with that freeze-frame, when there is a black driver.
This clip ended up going viral.  It was an example of a "great cop."

Fine.  Give him a parade.

But also, understand:  we live in a racist society.

Because there are no such clips with black drivers.  They are not afforded the same trust.  They are not given the same benefit of the doubt.  That kid might be dead right now, if his skin was darker.

There are reasons to defend the actions.  Pick a reason why "this is different."

He has a nice shirt on.  He is in a college town. 

You don't have to go far down the list before one of those reasons is "and it doesn't hurt he's a white kid"
I used to think that "racism" is when minorities get treated poorly.

It's not. 

Racism is when minorities get treated differently.

And more than any other violent or disturbing clip I've seen, this clip tells me WITHOUT A DOUBT that there are two very different Americas.

If you disagree, I'm willing to change my mind.

Just send me that clip you have, of a cop tying a brown kid's tie.

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