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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Adults Start Preparing for Monday Morning on Saturday

I didn't know that.

I don't blame myself.  This February was my first month of perfect attendance in 10 years.  I went to work every weekday this month. 

It had been a while.

Let's just say I still have a lot to learn.
Chief among them:

You can't just show up on Monday morning and expect things to go well.

So here I am, on Saturday, thinking about Monday.

Have I done anything yet?

So I have new information:  I need to prepare for Mondays ahead of time.

Now, I need a plan:  Because this one ain't working.

Writing is nice.  But since I started the 9-5 life, I'm finding that Saturdays are so...slippery.

I was in here at 6 this morning, writing.  The day felt so full of potential.  My productivity felt so...inevitable.

One great conversation here, one trip to Sonic there, two hours working out, two hours watching sports...

and now it's 6 in the evening,

and I haven't graded a single paper, I haven't added up a single grade, and I'm a day closer to being slapped across the face by Monday morning.  Again.
So I need a plan.  Some sort of time management plan.  Maybe even one for the week, and one for the weekend.  Since time feels too tight on weeknights, and too loose on the weekends.

I don't know what that plan is.  And maybe I'm a terrible writer, for leaving my "creative process" outside of the window I'm giving my reader.

But I'm an adult.  And I want to live my life better. 

I need a plan.

Right after I put this laundry in the dryer...

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