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Friday, March 24, 2017

BTW: If you Invite me to your open-mic, I will crush for you

I know how hard it is to get crowds out to shows.  But especially open-mics.  Because you can't even really promise your friends that the show will be good.

So I'm making you a deal:  If you run an open-mic within 50 miles of Virginia Beach, and you invite me to come to it,

I will be so flattered by your offer that I will come and crush for you. 
The only person this does NOT apply to is Johnny Habu. 

Johnny, I love ya buddy, but I need your mic for a workout room.  I need to be able to test stuff every week going forward, so I can build up my Crush Set.  Right now my sets feel like watching 50 year-old Dennis Rodman play basketball in North Korea.  I'm terrible.

I need a practice gym.  So I'm sorry.  No crushing for you.

But literally ANYONE else -- just ask. 

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