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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In February 2017, call me an "American Resin Mosquito"

I thought I had a clever political post, last week:

In 2017, call me an "American Political Frog"

I patted myself on the back, and went back to life.

2017 Activism:  check.
I no longer feel that way.

And I'm realizing that in the Internet Age, a country may fall apart much more quickly than any of our History Books suggest.

So I may feel differently, each month this year.  My feelings, as an American citizen, may evolve quite quickly.
On this last day of January, 2017,

I feel like an "American Resin Mosquito"
In Jurassic Park, they found a mosquito from 50 million years ago.  It had just sucked some blood from a dinosaur, and then it got stuck in some sap on a tree.

The sap hardened, and the mosquito was preserved perfectly.

That's what I feel like, right now.

I feel like I'm just going about my daily business, not paying attention.

But at the same time, somehow,

I feel like there are a team of scientists, studying me, 50 million years from now.

I feel like I am about to be frozen in time, and none of my daily decisions will be remembered as important.  I will only be remembered for the time I lived in, not the life I lived. 

There were monsters around me, and I wasn't one of them.  So I thought I was safe. 

I took pin-pricks from the monsters.  I told myself I was hurting them. 

But the monsters were where I got my food. 

So I made sure I never said anything.  I just kept flying. 

One meal at a time. 

The monsters could do what they want, as long as I could get my little bit of blood, too.
In February of 2017,

call me an "American Resin Mosquito"
And call me scared for March.

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